Excellent Web Resources

Here are some online tools I’ve found super helpful!

ctpCountdown to Pregnancy: This site not only has an account function where you can track your cycle, it also has calculators to work out ovulation and due dates (including important dates throughout the entire pregnancy, not just the end date!), and forum boards/feedback areas for your home pregnancy tests. Well worth checking out! I love that I can compare symptoms from current cycles with my previous one, so I know that yes, I am just being crazy. I do use a bunch of apps on my phone to track everything, but it’s really nice having another web resource as well.

twwTwo Week Wait:  This site is helpful for those who are obsessed with others’ stories. I love the bfp by dpo area where you can read posts from folks detailing what symptoms came up for them each day.  The majority of felt ‘symptoms’ each month are due to progesterone, not pregnancy, but it helps to read what others experienced – and post your own, if successful! (I journal mine for comparison too).

ffFertility Friend:  I’d be surprised if you’re TTC and not using FF.  It’s not the prettiest or most intuitive site/app, but it really does seem to be very accurate and it is always comparing your symptoms/cycle to others in the database. It has a “cycles like mine” feature, a cycle dates planner, and much more.  I check it daily, even if it’s not the TWW.

redditForums:  Everyone needs someone to talk to, right?  I’ve found throughout this whole process that there are very few people willing to speak openly out in the real world about what they’re going through.  Online discussion forums have been a bit of a godsend to me.  I find Reddit forums particularly helpful. Well worth signing up and making a “multireddit” to track all of them at once.

Any other good web resources you use?


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