Getting It All Out

Just a short post but I wanted to recommend something I’ve found really helpful.





Oh yes, most of us had them, didn’t we? Journals as teens. Angst bleeding into the pages from our very dark and sad souls.  I do not want to read mine. They are probably so, so awful (and I imagine full of overdramatic lies).

When I was 16 I started a livejournal and found an amazing community around it. I also had a private livejournal, and wow. That was just amazing for my brain.

So now, at 31, I’ve found great solace in private journalling again. And I now use Penzu. (This is not a sponsored post in any way, by the way – pfft, you think I can get sponsorship?).  Penzu is free with upgradeable features, and I did end up going for that because I like having multiple journals and pretty cover art (I’m a magpie, okay?).  Journals default as private but you can also share your journal with anyone you wish.

So yes. Go get emosh. Let those feelings out. It helps, I promise.

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