31-32 weeks

Time got away from me last week!

So here is a combined update for the last few weeks.

The size/what features:  Babe is now in the 62nd percentile. He is growing well and has been head-down since 28 weeks. I think he is long rather than large, but we shall see. I keep picturing him with long legs and feet (just going by some of the scans) and I think he hasn’t turned from being cephalic because he’s long and comfy. His feet are often pushing on my ribs.

Sleep:  Some good nights, some bad. Last night was particularly rough, with 2 toilet breaks and a lot of discomfort with reflux. I couldn’t get settled. It makes working tough but you just push through it.

Food cravings:  Nothing lately but I do find there’s not much room in there, yet I’m more hungry. Fun combination. If I eat a decent portion I often feel awful afterwards and if I eat only a small amount the reflux is eased but I’m starving again soon after, so it’s a fine balance.

Food aversions:  I’m not really averse to anything, but I’m very cautious!

– – –

Symptoms I HAVE:

Hunger – Has increased, but as above – it’s not that helpful.

Skin – Dry, a bit itchy. I kinda wish I could moisturise everything all at once without the effort. The sun being out is helpful – I’m hoping to get some good chill time in the garden on these long summer nights, and also will hopefully be swimming to take the weight off me.

– – –

Stretchmarks:  Definitely there now, mainly low and under the bump though, which I guess is the best place for them! Not that I’m likely to show off my stomach to many in future. I always thought in pregnancy I’d wear a bikini for the first time ever, but it’s hard finding them with supportive enough tops that are affordable, so I’ve ended up buying a large tankini with boy shorts (also helpful if you’re not super into maintaining your bikini line while pregnant!)

Doctor’s Appointment:  I’ve seen the midwife and been to the Dr for my Boostrix/TDap so baby is protected from whooping cough now.

Also, my last scan showed that I have borderline polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) so I’m being referred back to the hospital maternity unit just to be safe. Hopefully that happens soon. I’m not worrying too much about it – it does explain why my bump feels firmer than normal. I don’t have anywhere near the amount of extra fluid that leads to pre-term labour or anything, so it’s just a matter of being a bit larger and a bit firmer for now.

Movement:  All the time, he’s very rolly and wiggly and still loves my right side. I’ve also started getting lightning pains from his head on my cervix as I walk. Those are fun.

Best moment of the week:  My SIL found a baby item I’d been super keen on on an online specials site and split the cost with me. It’s a little pod baby can sleep in with a sun shade so we can take him to the beach or even just sit on the lawn or by the pool with him.

What I’m looking forward to:  Finishing work – I’ve got less than a month now!

What I miss:  Just sleeping well, that’s all. It’s also quite anxiety-inducing being pregnant and I know it’ll be a different kind of anxiety once he’s out in the world.

I can’t believe how fast this trimester is going. I feel like once work is done then he’ll be here so quick. We need to name him!

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