28 weeks


My wee offspring is obviously growing!

He is always wedged under my ribs and seems to have a lot less room to work with. At last week’s antenatal class there was a definite push and roll feeling which was quite amazing.

It has been a busy week and I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed. I ended up taking Friday as a sick day because I was so achey and tired from not sleeping well at all Thursday night. It was also a long weekend so I tried to rest as much as I could.

I’m definitely slower – if I try and walk at my normal brisk pace (side effect of a tall husband) I get achey and my ligaments hurt, so I’m working on just taking my time.

Here’s the prompts…

The size/what features:  Bubs was measuring a week ahead at our growth scan, with long feet and a big head. I’m so glad he’s growing well, as they are doing these extra scans to make sure he’s not behind, and also my weight gain is very slow but steady and I worry I’m not gaining enough for him – obviously I have been doing just fine. He was practicing his swallowing at the scan too. He’s about eggplant size according to the apps – at the scan they thought he was about 2lbs 15 (1.33kg).

Sleep:  Hit and miss still and only going to get worse I guess. I seem to have hit a good pillow balance, but still wake up every 90 minutes or so to shift around.

Food cravings:  Been very keen on carbs as usual, and also wedges with sour cream. Still into sweet fruit juices too.

Food aversions:  Tomato, weirdly?

– – –

Symptoms I HAVE:

Hunger – Not got a lot of room for food so I’m still eating small quantities.

Skin – My rings are finally uncomfortable and causing my usual summer eczema/rashes, so I’ll be putting them away for a while, I think. I feel sad not wearing them, but I don’t want to get to cutting-them-off territory.

– – –

Stretchmarks:  Nothing on the belly but a few under on each side – growing for sure!

Doctor’s Appointment:  On Thursday I did my glucose test (passed, phew!), had thyroid bloods, 28 week bloods, and had our growth scan! Phew.  My bloods were all great, including a TSH of 0.61 which is the lowest I’ve ever seen (T4 now 14), except for my iron which is low, so I’ve been put on 200mg daily. Funny how I started the pregnancy with too much iron and now have too little. It does explain how wiped out I’ve felt lately, though.


Scan was great, too. I took my mum along, who has never been to a scan! When she had her twins she was scanned but not allowed to see it/given any photos, and my dad wasn’t allowed to go. Insane. When she had me she said she had another scan but again didn’t see it. It made her happy and I let her keep the one photo they gave us. Babe has long feet and a big head and was doing all kinds of wiggles and it was great.

On Friday I also had my anti-D shot from the midwife. The joys of being rhesus negative (O- blood type). And his heart was beating strong and loud – my favourite part.

Movement:  Loads, but definitely feels like he has less room – it’s more rolling and pushing than kicks. Sometimes I get these amazing pushes against the side of my belly and I can see the wee pops from the outside. It’s remarkable.

Best moment of the week:  The scan and all of these movements. I also loved getting past 28 weeks – another great survival milestone. I’m getting more excited now.

What I’m looking forward to:  Going to Auckland in a few weeks for Taylor Swift! Next scan is 34 weeks. And finishing work – 8.5 weeks to go.

What I miss:  Sleeping comfortably and being able to get off the bed/couch without squirming around like a turtle. D thinks it’s hilarious.

Until next week…

2 thoughts on “28 weeks

  1. My mum told me she didn’t get a scan printout with me or my sister either. She has one of my brother, apparently. Interesting how times have changed. I’m so glad I got lots of ultrasounds and lots of printouts – those and the few photos from the hospital are all we’ll ever have of our boys now.

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