22 weeks

Here’s this week’s update!

The size/what features:  I don’t think I’ve ever seen/held a papaya, but hey, the baby is papaya-sized. He has his lanugo – a thin layer of baby fur! – and is working on his eyebrows and hair apparently. He is also more grabby now they say, possibly playing with his umbilical cord, and I tell ya, he is definitely more active.

Total weight gain/how much this week:  I keep bouncing back and forth around my pre-preg weight, but baby is on track so I’m not bothered. I don’t think I’ll track this from now on, to be honest!

Sleep:  Up and down. I have some good nights and then I have 2 or 3 really rubbish nights in a row which throws me off. My pregnancy pillow is excellent but I still get achey hips and lower back and moving around is definitely more difficult.

Maternity Clothes:  Might get myself some new jeans soon. Definitely leaning more towards comfort than style now.

Food cravings:  Nothing new!

Food aversions:  Garlic and parsley lately. Still off onion.

– – –

Symptoms I HAVE:

Hunger – Definitely ramped up which I’m grateful for. I wake up a bit hungry and I get hungry quick now.

Heartburn – GERD cough killing me softly with its song.

Skin – Not too bad.

– – –

Stretchmarks:  Nothing new.

Doctor’s Appointment:  Saw the midwife and wee boy is right on track in every way – perfectly on size. My BP is great, my fundal height is right on track, my thyroid levels are excellent and only being retested every 6 weeks now. Next appointment we’ll be close to my glucose test and we’ll have started antenatal classes! Next scan is 28 weeks.

Movement:  So much now and I love it.

Belly Button:  Still clinging on as an innie.

Best moment of the week:  Telling baby I loved him and being booted really hard in response. Seeing my midwife and feeling that all is going well and hearing that heartbeat again.

What I’m looking forward to:  V-day (viability), starting antenatal classes, getting the nursery together a bit more.

What I miss:  Getting off the couch without wiggling, sleeping right through the night.

Apparently babe weighs about 1lb! You’ve got a lot of growing to do, Bubs. My midwife said this is a period of rapid growth. Grow, baby, grow!

One thought on “22 weeks

  1. They have papayas at my local supermarket. The ones here range from slightly bigger than a mango to probably about 10cm bigger than a mango… not very useful 😉

    “Grow, babies” grow” is pretty much my mantra right now. I want to start looking pregnant and not just fat!


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