19 weeks

Here’s your weekly update!

Dinosaur baby!

The size/what features:  A mango! A Gameboy. A “four-toed hedgehog”. Oh boy.

Total weight gain/how much this week:  I’m up to pre-preg weight. I’m trying to eat more often because y’know, I’ve kinda been eating whatever I feel like and it’s not putting the weight on. I think the increase in my thyroid meds combined with extra walking and smaller portions has lead to this, and my fundal height was on target last appointment, so. I’m just hoping babe is getting all they need.

Sleep:  Still crap and if one more person is all, “get a maternity body pillow!” I’ll… be less polite I guess? Like I know they exist, people. Also very tired of the “just you wait til the baby comes before you talk about lack of sleep!” – like, really? Are new parents sleep-deprived? I’ve never heard that before.

Working full-time on no sleep seems harder to me right now, mainly because it requires looking nice and being polite and leaving my house…

Maternity Clothes:  In full swing. Just got some work trousers for the bump and boy are they comfy. Trying to switch up my dresses though so I’m not just wearing the same maternity dresses in the same order every week…

Food cravings:  For some reason, wedges and sour cream. Not had them yet. Still obsessed with Fanta. Trying to rein it in.

Food aversions:  Nothing specific, but still not particularly hungry. I’m doing better at making myself eat more though.

– – –

Symptoms I HAVE:

Nausea – All gone.

Hunger – Higher but not ravenous, trying to eat regardless.

Heartburn – Better this week!

Skin – Dry and itchy and weird but getting better at moisturising.

– – –

Stretchmarks:  No change.

Doctor’s Appointment:  Had an excellent appointment at the Maternity Assessment Unit at the hospital last week. Due to IVF/thyroid issues, I qualify for referral there, but as my thyroid is so well-managed (my TSH is the lowest it’s been since diagnosis! Yay!) they’re happy for me to continue seeing my midwife and letting my GP monitor my thyroid bloods which I’ll carry on doing every 6 weeks. Also IVF babies can grow a bit slowly and be a bit small, so I’ll get extra scans at 28 and 34 weeks (fine with me!), and will most likely not go very far past my due date, if at all.

Movement:  I think I’m getting my first proper movements! I had flutters or pops every now and then but now I’m getting a wee “thump” every now and then. Can’t wait til it’s  more regular.

Belly Button:  Regular old navel.

Baby’s sex?:  We’ll know in a few days…!

Best moment of the week:  Feeling those definite thumps. Can’t wait til D feels them.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling kicks more/from the outside, our anatomy scan this week.

What I miss:  Runny eggs still (such a simple weekend treat!), sleeping a full night.

I’ll update soon on what sex baby is – though I imagine we’ll still carry on getting a lot of gender neutral stuff. We started buying things which is very exciting and I’m feeling all motivated to get some work done on the nursery.

I often look down or feel a little wiggle and remember that I’m having a baby. Guys, I’m having a BABY. It is still so surreal and wonderful and I refuse to take it for granted.

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