16 weeks

I’m going to start those prompts. Because y’know, fun.




The size/what features Apparently the size of an avocado! Ears in their final spot, eyes can sense light etc (though are still sealed closed), and growing some hair! 

Total weight gain/how much this week None and none. Not that unusual if you’re a higher BMI to start with as you may lose weight with the metabolism hike. I’m now about 1kg/2.2lbs below my starting weight. Who knows what will happen! Ideally I’d like to gain only what I need, but I’m also not going to obsess over it. 

Sleep:  Ugh. Insomnia is the worst. I go to bed at 9 or 9:30 though, to try and get loads of rest. I don’t know if it’s our bed or what but my hips get achey now, and I move a lot more than I did. 

Maternity Clothes:  Jeans and dresses so far. My normal leggings and trackies are still working though I’d like to get some actual maternity leggings soon. I’m also going to hit H&M for some new general maternity clothes, though a lot of my dresses are actually suitable.  

Food cravings:  Fruit juice. Like sweet tropical flavours such as apple, orange, and mango, or Just Juice. Not the healthiest but hey, it’s not the worst craving.  

Food aversions:  Strong-smelling meats? Weird things like dishes my husband makes that I love I don’t enjoy as much anymore. I also have had just a lack of appetite in general which has been weird. I’m trying to force myself to eat because if I get too hungry I then eat too fast and give myself indigestion.

– – –

Symptoms I HAVE:
Nausea – Not really, though pills are still a bit tougher to swallow, and strong smells are still the worst, and coughing makes me feel gross too.

Hunger – Definitely not the “ravenous” levels that so many others are? I eat smaller amounts than normal but am trying to eat more frequently, though. And I’ve asked D to feed me more vegetables.

Heartburn – Yes. A lot of the time. Managed better now though.


 – – –

Stretchmarks Not really – I had a few tiny ones on my belly anyway and haven’t noticed any yet. I know this is largely genetic and my mum/sister did get them so I’m not expecting to escape it, really.

Doctor’s Appointment:  Next midwife check is 9th August.

Movement:  Not yet but hoping every day to feel the wee babe!

Belly Button:  Still an innie, obviously!

Baby’s sex?:  Dunno yet! 

Best moment of the week:  Feeling like I’ve popped so much more. And getting our final NT results back – our trisomy condition risk rate is 1:21,000, which is awesome.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move, getting more energy maybe, the 20 week scan. 

What I miss:  Runny eggs and medium rare steak!

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