14-15 weeks

(Thoughts written at the time):

Suddenly, I’ve popped. It’s hard knowing if I’m bigger than I should be, being a bit overweight to start with, but this seems to be a common thought, going by some of the apps I have. The comments on articles seem to vary from “I don’t have a bump yet!” to “I feel too big already!”. With my short torso, there’s really nowhere for the babe to grow but out.

I like my cute bump but yes, I wonder if I’m looking a bit further on than I am. My bump isn’t hard yet, and is still a bit wobbly rather than one round bump, but it’s on the way. It’s exciting to have tangible and visible evidence that you’re growing in there. It’s like oh hello, there you are.

I feel a little less tired during the day now, though I need to stick to my early bedtime. If I push it, I definitely suffer the following day. I’m also still suffering from heartburn, though I find antacids are helping. Unfortunately this is GERD, really, which I suffered from a little before getting pregnant, so a dry cough sometimes comes with it, which can lead to gagging if it’s too persistent. Oh the joys. I’m not nauseated anymore, but I’m definitely still struggling at times with swallowing pills (despite being a pro before!) and particular strong smells.

The only other thing I’ve noticed is that my dry skin is even drier. No glowing for me. (Yet?).

Now I’m counting down to that anatomy scan! Because that will mean we’re halfway. It definitely seems like this pregnancy is all about getting from one milestone to the next, and I’m okay with that. I feel like this babe is a while off yet, but also going to be here before I know it.

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