Our results

As promised in the last post, I said I’d update on our results.

So far for me, it appears I only have an underactive thyroid.  I say ‘only’ here, as despite the fact that it’s a chronic illness and I’ll be medicated forever, it is the best of possible bad news.  Having a healthy thyroid function is vital to so many systems in your body, so getting this sorted is crucial. I had a burst of hope!

And then, well, we got my husband’s results, and they’re not good.

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and anxious and sad and disappointed. Not in him at all – he is wonderful – but in the hand we’ve been dealt. We’re looking to get on the waiting list for the specialist now, and then hopefully we will know what our options are. The Dr said today that it’s not the end of the world, but it’s now looking pretty unlikely that we’ll conceive on our own. The waiting lists are very long, and it feels like a never-ending struggle.

I’ll keep you updated, and I refuse to give up.  Some days it truly feels impossible, and on others I feel like we’ll rock whatever comes our way.

Today? I am sad.

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