Cycle 8.

So after a weird short cycle, we’re onto number 8.

Which seems like forever.

It’s really not. I’m friends with folks online who have been trying for years.  But 8 cycles seems so close to the dreaded 12 month appointment where they screen you for everything that could possibly be wrong with you.

I’m terrified that something’s wrong with me. What if something’s wrong with me? With us?

To alleviate this anxiety, I’m filling this post with puppies.




I know this is a common concern/thought for people. But other than being slightly overweight (my BMI is pretty up there, though, thanks BMI) and having the odd very long or very short cycle, I think we’re on the right track. Going by temps, I clearly ovulate, and my post-O temps are high enough for me not to worry too much about progesterone.  They’re are also high enough for me not to worry about my thyroid (last test I had was about 10 years ago..) and I was tested for PCOS about 18 months ago and they weren’t worried. I also get the other signs that I’m fertile.




It just seems to take an interminably long time.

But then when I look back over my charts, I realise that we’ve only had 4 or 5 really good cracks at it, out of the 7.  So I feel a bit better.




It’s hard not to stress, though. And you know they say not to stress. Which is funny, because most stress during TTC is actually stress because you can’t apparently conceive very quickly.

And I’m stressing now because I know I stress too much. Yay?

I’ll post soon about some of the ways I’ve tried to reduce stress. It’s not easy for me to not stress. I’m a worrier. And a planner. Which is why TTC sucks.

So here’s one last puppy. Who’s a good puppy? You’re the goodest puppy.


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