Highs and Lows

Temping drives me bananas.




If this is not something you are doing/have experienced – let me paint a picture.  Each morning you awake, blink open your pretty eyes, grab for the side table where your thermometer awaits, and jam it in your mouth.  You make a mental note/physical note/app note of the temp, and then either get up for the day or go back to sleep.  This is your basal body temperature – the base temperature your body operates at before your organs “start up” for the day.

The trouble with temping as a method of tracking ovulation is that it shows you that you’ve ovulated after you have. It’s a way of confirming it, not predicting it.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a clear dip which will make you think, “Ooh, okay! It’s time!” but sometimes your temps are all in a similar place, and then you’ll get a big leap to indicate that it’s been and gone.

And this month, my temps are trolling me.

Well everything has been a little bit, since the maca issue. So I’ve taken this month with a grain of salt, really.  It’s annoying not knowing where you’re at, and sometimes you’re kinda just wishing for your new cycle to start so that you have a clear idea.

It’s the not knowing that kills you.




But the temps are at least on the up.  So I’ll keep watching them, day by day, and see if they slowly start to drop. Then I know I’m “out”, as folks on the fertility boards say.  If estrogen takes over again, then progesterone drops and your temp drops. And you can prepare to give it another go next time.

I always have bold plans for “next time”. One of these times it’ll stick.

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